​​​​​​​​If you are a nonprofit  organization and suspect you could be doing a better job in the areas of board development, team performance, leadership skill-building, creating a healthier work environment, inspiring your volunteers, or maximizing the impact of your mission, then it would probably be good for us  to have a conversation


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O I C NonProfit 


​​ Helping Others + Your Talents = Your Purpose  

​​​"We do good with those who do good"

. . . turning insight into action . . . 

"My commitment  is to offer the services of the O I C Leadership Group to nonprofit and other socially conscious  helping professionals regardless of their budget or training dollars"


                                                           Jonathan Golding

Our Services

• Increasing Trustee Engagement and Board Cohesiveness 

• Turning Organizational Challenges into Growth & Development Opportunities

• Enhancing Workplace Well-Being and Ensuring a Healthier Functioning Team

• Reducing Stress, Preventing Burnout, and Promoting Resiliency  

• Accountability, Coaching & Feedback:

Foundations of High-Performing Teams

• Creating an Organizational Culture of Thrival

Why O I C NonProfit?


The O I C Leadership Group has been serving companies and their employees in the for-profit world for over 20 years.  Now, after a successful track-record, we have become even more appreciative of those on the front lines of today’s societal challenges. Many organizations are underserved in the domains of our expertise often due to budgetary restraints. It is for this reason that O I C NonProfit has been created as a segment of our business, dedicated to those working for the greater good.

Jonathan Golding, O I C Group's founder: "The most significant formative experiences of my early professional life came from working with 'Youth at Risk' populations around the country. While those learnings have greatly shaped how I  work with leaders in corporate America, I have always felt that there would be a time and place for me to give back to those in the helping professional communities, whether the focus is education, healthcare, social services or other worthy social causes.”